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RRTHA is the oldest chartered saddle club in Illinois

How do you get to Franklin Creek Natural Area (our home). Follow the map at the bottom of this page until you get to the Equestrian Area and look for the Arch (below). When you see the sign (below right) on top of the arch, you are there. The LINKS to the right of this text will take you to more information about RRTHA. Feel free to browse and come visit us.

Click on the links below to learn more about RRTHA
click here for the MAIN page This will take you back to the first page you saw
click here for the WEATHER page you will see our list of Officers and the Weather Forecast for Franklin Creek
click here for the RIDE page you will see our Trail Ride dates and trail ride pics
click here for the SHOW page see the pretty horses
click here for the ARTIST page see Lou Anns page
click here for the INFO page see who we are
Trailer in, Unload, Have a Ball When you see this sign  -  you are there