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The Equestrian Area can be temporarilly closed by the ranger due to conditions. This portion of the park is always closed when the roads are posted or when the ranger feels trail conditions require closing. The Equestrian Area opens when the roads are unposted and the trails are usable. Questions will be answered by the ranger, Elmer Stauffer, at 815-456-2878 - Call ahead to learn if the equestrian area is open

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There is no meeting scheduled for July.
June 27 - The Franklin Creek Equestrian Area has reopened. RRTHA members combated rain damaged trails for the third time this year. Lets hope the weather will be more kind to us in the future.
Next meeting August 12 at 7PM at the shelter in Franklin Creek
Saturday, August 13 charity ride at Franklin Creek at 2PM
Sunday, August 14 ride at Franklin Creek at 11AM